Making a Globe with SketchUp

The Internet is full of free software. Thanks to Google you are now able to make models in three dimensions without spending a penny. Google offers a 3D modeling software SketchUp for free download as well as professional version for advanced users. While sketching with SketchUp is relatively easy some basic shapes may need more steps to create the desired outcome. Making a globe or ball is one of the first experiments when creating useful basic shapes in 3D models. A globe may be tricky at the first sight, but with only few steps you will master this simple task.

  1. Start drawing a circle. Select Circle tool. Click in the origin to place the center point of the shape. Stretch the circle shape by moving your mouse and click the endpoint when finished.
  2. Make a copy of the circle. Hit spacebar to change the current tool to a Select tool. Click on the surface of the circle. Change the tool to Move tool by hitting M key. Position the starting point in the origin. Hold the Ctrl key down while dragging a copy of the circle upwards along the blue axis.
  3. Rotate the copy 90 degrees. Change the tool to Rotate tool by hitting Q key on the keyboard. Place the starting point of the rotation tool in the center of the circle. Move the tool along the red axis all the way to the midpoint of the circle edge and place the endpoint by clicking the mouse.
  4. Now move the mouse to rotate the circle and place the rotation endpoint on the blue axis.
  5. Hit the spacebar on the keyboard to change the tool back to Selection tool. Select the edge of the first circle.
  6. Finally, select the Follow Me tool and click the surface of the second circle. Your globe is now finished.

Final words

Google’s free 3D modeling software SketchUp is easy to use. It’s fun to make three-dimensional models you can share with other users on the net. Your imagination is the only restriction in model creation, so start with simple shapes and experiment the tools and functions found in the software. Reveal your creativity and download Google SketchUp for free. Feel free to download this model on 3D Warehouse.

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